AMC Announces New Comic Book to TV Series Project

With everything coming up zombies, and dollars and critical praise, for AMC's hit television show The Walking Dead, the channel is developing a new partnership with Robert Kirkman, the man behind The Walking Dead, and another one of his comic book projects.  Kirkman will team up with producer of The Walking Dead David Alpert to adapt Kirkman's latest comic book, Thief of Thieves, for the small screen.  This newest comic book focuses on a thief who attempts to leave the world of crime behind, but in the mean time he continues to steal stolen items from other thieves themselves.  The series is published with Image Comics/Skybound, and the first two issues sold out quickly with a third hitting shelves today.   In speaking about the upcoming adaptation with The Hollywood Reporter, Kirkman had this to say, "AMC recognizes the limitless ideas generated by the comic industry.  Their dedication to bringing The Walking Dead to life as a TV show has been key to its success and I'm excited about the potential of Thief of Thieves to reach similar levels of success."  There has been no word at this time as to the date of expected production, release or casting, but rest assured, we will keep you posted!