AMC Announces The Walking Dead's Midseason Return Date

With The Walking Dead's sixth season set to begin tomorrow, AMC announced when the show will return from its traditional midseason break in the winter. The Walking Dead will return on February 14th, 2016, giving its fans a bloody and suspenseful Valentine's Day present. The Walking Dead has traditionally split its season in two parts, with the first half airing in the fall and the second half debuting sometime in mid-winter.

This season of The Walking Dead will follow Rick and his friends as they continue to settle into the peaceful settlement of Alexandria. Fan favorite Morgan (played by Lennie James) joins the cast full time this season and The Walking Dead will also introduce Paul Monroe, an integral character in the comic series. At least part of the season will feature Rick and the residents of Alexandria deal with the threat of the Wolves, a group of deadly humans who mark their territories by carving "W's" into the foreheads of walkers.

AMC announced the return date during its massive premiere event last evening at Madison Square Garden. Over 15,000 people attended the event, which culminated with an early screening of the premiere episode.


The Walking Dead's sixth season will premiere tomorrow, October 11th, at 9 PM on AMC.