Barroom Brawlers: Seven Comic Book Tough Guys (and Gals) We’d Want in a Fight

While we here at are generally a peaceful, live and let live kind of lot, we also [...]

While we here at are generally a peaceful, live and let live kind of lot, we also enjoy a good drink now and then! Saying that, even we recognize the need now and then to have people around who, if the occasion ever called for it, would definitely be the ones who we would want to have our back if a barroom brawl were to ensue. Here are some characters that could certainly fill that role, and a few doorframes.


(DC) Already having a reputation as an intergalactic fighter and drinker, DC's resident fan of violence and multiple mayhem would be a vital asset in a bar fight, especially if you're VERY SPECIFIC about what you need to happen, as Lobo is a man of his word, but a very literal one indeed. Having crossed paths with most if not all of the major heroes in the DC universe, and survived, his strength and take no prisoners attitude would be of great value should you find yourself staring down the end of a broken beer bottle!


(Wildstorm) Having a super powered, swift, resilient fighter, who happens to have the ability to be able to predict the next moves of his opponent would be quite the upper-hand should chairs and tables go flying. Midnighter also has the ability to recover from injuries at a rate that would give Wolverine a run for his money. He may look like just any other guy upon first glance, but when pushed he WILL push back with more force, and wit, than a troublemaker might expect.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

(Dark Horse) What she lacks in size and stature, she more than makes up for in pure physical ability and power! The star of her own, self-titled series, the Slayer may throw around quick-witted pop culture zingers, but she can throw a punch or a kick just as quickly, all without getting a blonde lock of hair out of place. Not known to back down from an encounter with a demon, vampire or Hellmouth, her support in a group slugfest with a bunch of drunks would be welcome, just in time for another round!

Cassie Hack

(Devil's Due Publishing) Main character of Hack/Slash Cassie Hack knows what it's like to be on the receiving end of fear and intimidation. Created in much the same fashion as Buffy, Cassie was created as a symbol to fight back against typical horror villain types, "slashers" as they're called in this series. Having taken on her share of serial killers and various psychos, sometimes in very tight, cramped spaces, a bar would be no sweat for this heroine. Plus, we know she can swing a mean baseball bat!

Officer Rick Grimes

(Image) Quit is not in Officer Rick Grimes' vocabulary. As the center of The Walking Dead, little fazes him anymore. The man has endured his share of physical and emotional loss, and yet he still charges on. His resilience and ingenuity have saved him and his ragged band of survivors over and over in the face of the undead hordes. If this man can survive the Governor, the loss of loved ones and other physical torments, what makes you think a smoky club full of wino brawlers is going to be a problem?

Luke Cage

(Marvel) Sweet Christmas, this man is tough! Anyone who isn't intimidated by the sheer physical presence of this New Avenger would find themselves in for a bad night once they learned of his near-invulnerable skin and super strength. One of the scrappiest fighters in all of the Marvel universe, it would be hard to imagine a dark bar fight that went on for more than 30 seconds if Cage were involved. Although he's been a sidekick and team player for many years, that doesn't mean he's a second-rate fighter when it counts!

And now, since you knew this was coming…

Wolverine (Marvel) 'Nuff said!