Kristen Schaal Debuts Bob's Burgers Live - The Movie

Bobs Burgers
(Photo: FOX)

A long TV show just can't contain the cast of FOX's animated hit Bob's Burgers, and now all the live-action hijinks have been compiled into one volume, Bob's Burgers Live - The Movie.

Bob's Burgers Live is a show that has been residing at Los Angele's Wiltern Theater, and in addition to creator and writer Kristin Schaal (Louise Belcher) , also stars H. Jon Benjamin (Bob Belcher), Dan Mintz (Tina Belcher), Eugene Mirman (Gene Belcher), John Roberts (Linda Belcher), Larry Murphy (Teddy), and writer Loren Bouchard.

From those live action shows, Schaal (who is making her directorial debut with this project as well) along with Bento Box Entertainment and Loren Bouchard's Wilo Productions have compiled the best parts into one package, along with some guest stars like Kevin Kline, David Herman, and Brook Dillman thrown in for good measure. It doesn't seem like everyone is on board from the looks of things, and that poor lady is not getting that interview. That said, the film is about as unique and weird as you'd expect, and is definitely worth a viewing.

You can watch the full project above and for Bob's Burgers fans, the much anticipated 100th episode of the show debuts on May 22nd on FOX Plus if you want to snag some cool items, including a commemorative "100 Episodes" poster and a Bob's Burgers Live 2016 T-Shirt, you can head to their official store.

Oh, and someone should probably grab those "prop" items. I don't think they're actually props. Just a thought.