Brian Wood's The Massive Gets the Motion Comics Treatment


Over at Geek & Sundry, the latest Dark Horse motion comics have debuted--and it's a two-part story featuring Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson's The Massive, a story that takes place following a global environmental catastrophe that changes the way mankind lives. How good is the book? Well, aside from the regular group of supporters he picked up during his years on the fantastic DMZ, Wood has drawn comparisons to The Walking Dead by fans and critics. "On some level, it's all survivalist fiction. I don't read The Walking Dead so I can't comment directly. But technically, The Massive fits the description of a post-apocalyptic story, even if I'm handling it in a very different way," Wood told back in June. "So I'm sure the comparisons are sound. But I hear the word "post-apocalypse" and cringe a bit. I think it means everything and at the same time nothing at all, and we feel like we've seen it all before. I use the word "Crash" in place of it, which feels more grounded and topical." Check the videos out below