CM Punk joins UFC - Green Ranger Challenge Still Stands

Former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar CM Punk is making headlines following last night's announcement during UFC 181, that he will be joining the UFC roster.

Former Green Ranger (of the Power Rangers variety) and mixed martial artist, Jason David Frank wants a shot at the newest Ultimate Fighter.

Frank is 1-0 as a pro MMA fighter and 3-0 as an amateur. While the 40-year-old's last bout was in 2010, Frank has taken to social media to make it clear to UFC promoters that he wants to fight Punk.

Real name Phil Brooks, Punk has a background in martial arts and currently trains in Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Rener Gracie.

"I'm 35. I never competed in martial arts, so who's to say if I would be good or not," he said in a previous interview with MMA Fighting. "I really think there's a chance, but I'm mainly just saying so I can read people talk s**t on message boards."


Former WWE heavyweight champion, Punk's last title reign of 434 days is the longest in WWE history.

Punk is expected to begin competing in the UFC some time next year.