CM Punk Offers The Walking Dead's Michael Rooker A WWE Title Shot

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CM Punk is the reigning WWE Champion. Last night, he appeared on the Talking Dead to discuss the "When The Dead Come Knocking" episode of The Walking Dead. During the show, CM Punk took the unusual stance of defending Merle, who is one of the most reprehensible characters on The Walking Dead TV show. However, it was in the bonus segment for the Talking Dead where things really got interesting. On tape, CM Punk actually offered Michael Rooker a WWE title shot. At first, CM Punk extended the offer to Rooker's character Merle, but he then changed and extended the offer directly to Rooker. Responding to a viewer question that suggested that Merle should have a title shot, CM Punk said, "Yeah, you know what, and I would love to give him one. So, whether it's Merle…actually I would rather fight Rooker, because he wouldn't have the sword hand. The sword hand that's a little suspect, I don't know, he might have to take that off." While Michael Rooker is an actor by trade, he also appears to be in tip-top shape. In a recent episode of The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker's character Merle did one-handed pushups before taking part in The Governor's gladiator fights. Rooker might actually be the type that would take CM Punk up on his offer. After all, how often is it that someone gets a WWE title shot offer? If CM Punk and Michael Rooker do get in the ring together, it also might be interesting to see CM Punk appear on The Walking Dead. Of all the celebrity guests that have appeared on the Talking Dead so far this season, CM Punk proved to be the most interesting. As a reader of the comic series as well, he was able to talk insightfully about the show with fellow guest Yvette Nicole Brown, creating what was the most entertaining episode of the Talking Dead yet.