Comic Book Previews for September 30th, 2009

For those who get paid at the end of the month, this Wednesday is your lucky day! Go green and save some gas by running to the back with your check and then head over to your local comic book shop to pick up this week's latest and greatest new releases! DC this week features an 80-page GIANT special titled Justice League of America, which shows the super team scattered throughout time and battling various foes from across times, locations and forms of combat. Teen Titans reaches a milestone this week with issue #75, and be sure to jump aboard here, as new writer Felicia D. Henderson makes her mark on this DC staple. Also look for Justice Society of America #31, as the traitor in the team's midst stands revealed! Superman #692 continues a new direction for the title, as the Science Police become more of a force! Wonder Woman #36 sees our classic Amazon battling Achilles, another name familiar to those with a mythological bent! From DC's Vertigo imprint comes the first volume of Fables Deluxe Edition, which will chronicle the first ten issues of this acclaimed ongoing series, presented in beautiful hardback form. Another exciting collection, this time from Wildstorm, is Absolute Promethea Vol. 1. Issues one through twelve of the Alan Moore series are collected here, the first of three anticipated volumes!

Punisher Annual #1 leads off the list of hot books for Marvel this week. The Punisher squares off against a mind-controlled Spider-Man in this issue, along with stopping the ones responsible for Spidey's behavior! Runaways #14 concludes the current "Homeschooling" story and promises us a "return". Hmmm... Writer Andy Diggle's run on Thunderbolts concludes with this week's issue, #136. What will become of one-time Thunderbolt Songbird, as she is at Norman Osborn's mercy? Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead returns this week with issue number five, and speaking of fives, Dark Reign: The Hood #5 will wrap up this look at Cabal member Parker Robbins, AKA The Hood! What will be the result of his involvement with the demon Dormammu? Brace yourselves, as Amazing Spider-Man #607 prepares us for the kick-off to the "Who was Ben Reilly" story beginning with the next issue!

Image Comics' Bomb Queen returns this week with a stunning first issue. Bomb Queen VI #1 has old BQ squaring off with none other than President Obama himself, as targets New Port City for shutdown, angrily triggering Bomb Queen. What can the results be? The Darkness #80 hits shelves, with Phil Hester taking on writing AND cover art duties for a two-part Darkness adventure! Sky Pirates of Neo Terra debuts this week. Based on the Nintendo DS game, this five-issue series will focus on friendship and adventure, in a quest to stop the Pirate King's dark plans. Boom! Studios brings the action of the Bruce Willis film Die Hard to comic book form with Die Hard: Year One #1, an origin story for hero John McClane set in the days of the nation's Bicentennial. Also, if you missed all the fun of Muppet Robin Hood, be not afraid! The series comes out in trade paperback form, courtesy of Boom! as well! Rapture #4 continues its hellish journey for its heroine, young Evelyn Town, kicking off the releases for Dark Horse this week. Following that is the continued story of Usagi Yojimbo with issue number 123. Part four of the Tatooine storyline arrives this week, happily ensconced in the pages of Star Wars: Legacy #40. The Empire and Black Sun make like a little more difficult for Cade Skywalker in this week's issue! Dynamite Entertainment will bring us The Boys: Herogasm #5 along with Army of Darkness #25. And, in a special bit of news that deserves its own spot on the list of previews this week...


Boom! Studios will release Mickey Mouse and Friends #296!!! Yep, you absolutely read that correctly! A new era kicks off for this long-running comic book series, as Boom! takes the story in a very magical direction with this new issue! Check out the nod given to a very iconic, magical storyline that begins a great new series for not only actual kids, but the adults who buy the comics for the kids as well!