Conjuring 2's James Wan Linked to DC By Movie Exec.

It seems that New Line's recent decision to push back the release of The Conjuring 2 to 2016 was to allow James Wan to make time in his busy, busy schedule and return to the director's chair. According to Deadline, Universal had an option on Wan for more Fast and Furious films but they're going to allow him time off for other work.

At first, that's the horror sequel but WB have more plans for Wan. New Line exec Toby Emmerich said:

"James will make an important movie for New Line and Warner Bros or DC, and that is definitely part of the plan, and a reason for bringing him into the family. He's the only overall director with a deal here, because we see him as a class of one."

Now, Emmerich would know a lot about what's going on at New Line and Warner Bros. in general, so this statement is from a pretty strong vantage point. Having said that, it was full of "or" logic and not "and." Wan may well be in the frame for one of the many, many DC movies in development, or he may not.


Personally, I think he's a great choice for that kind of material. Who knows, maybe he'll do Shazam with his Furious buddy The Rock. Perhaps that explains the late release date there - Wan could go from Fast and Furious to Conjuring 2, on to another Fast and Furious then Shazam. Maybe.