Disney Passes $5 billion in Yearly Box Office for First Time in History

(Photo: Disney)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the gift that keeps on giving for Disney, as it was the nail in the 5 billion dollar coffin for the company in 2015. That marks the first time Walt Disney Studios has passed $5 billion in box office gross in a single year.

Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Marvel Studios lead the way to this latest of Disney victories. The three companies are all acquisitions for Disney from the last decade. Lucasfilm was the most recent, in 2012. Marvel came three years prior in 2009, with Pixar three years prior to that in 2006. This year, Pixar had a global hit with Inside Out, while Marvel's pair of releases, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man combined for just under $2 billion globally. The Force Awakens did over half a billion globally in four days, a new record and the tipping point for that $5 billion victory party.

Cinderella was Disney's biggest victory from a non-recent-acquisition studio, passing half a billion globally as well (but again, to put it into perspective, The Force Awakens should hit Cinderella's global total either today or tomorrow).

The previous record for Disney was 2013's $4.73 billion. 2015's record is the one that Jurassic World helped set that Star Wars can't defeat with a well-timed torpedo shot; Universal hit $6.8 billion globally this year, largely on the backs of Jurassic and Furious 7, two of the top five grossers of the year.