Dwayne Johnson Announces New Boost Unit TV Series


There is absolutely no stopping (or even slowing down) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Johnson's production company, Seven Bucks Productions (named after a time when the superstar had just seven dollars in his pocket, but knew he wouldn't be broke forever), is teaming up with Imperative Entertainment and Fox TV to produce a new series called Boost Unit.

The actor, producer, life coach and former professional wrestler took to Instagram for the announcement with a few details about the series.

Boost Unit is derived from the fun Johnson has had in the Fast & Furious franchise but likely has no direct ties to the Universal Studios projects themselves. This series revolve around the "intense and entertaining action," which the lives of LAPD officers are comprised of.

A premiere date for the series hasn't yet been announced but let's assume Fall 2016, here.

This is not Johnson's first go at television. His series Ballers is headed into its second season on HBO. His plate is certainly full, with Ballers, Boost Unit, Shazam!, Furious 8, Moana, Central Intelligence, and Baywatch all on his horizon. Knowing the big guy, there's still room, and he's going to eat.