Ellen DeGeneres Scares The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan

Maggie Scared

In The Walking Dead's off-season, Lauren Cohan has been spending a lot of her time out promoting her new horror film, The Boy.

While it's Cohan's film which will be doing the scaring when it hits theaters this weekend, it was Ellen Degeneres who earned the good scare when Cohan appeared on her midday talk show.

You would think Cohan is a big brave dog, too, having to deal with zombies in her day job and creepy little dolls in her spare time, but nope. You thought wrong. Cohan goes full-scream when Ellen's masked accomplice pops up to terrorize Cohan. Check it out below.

Cohan's The Boy hits theaters January 22 and The Walking Dead returns February 14 at 9 PM ET on AMC.