Family Guy Shocking Dead Upstages Walking Dead Shocking Death

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episodes of both The Walking [...]

Family Guy Shocking Death Walking DeadSpoiler Warning:

This article contains spoilers for the most recent episodes of both The Walking Dead and Family Guy. It's Sunday night. The time of the week when TV viewers take to Twitter to express their outrage over whatever character The Walking Dead has decided to kill off this week. Except this week, The Walking Dead got upstaged by a cartoon. During The Walking Dead, The Governor hit Martinez in the back of the head, kicked him off the top of a RV, and ultimately fed him to a bunch of walkers. While Martinez was one of the better known Woodbury residents, he was hardly a major cast member on the show. In fact, this was only the second episode that Martinez has appeared in during Season 4. Even though there's been a couple disappointed tweets over Martinez's death, there's hardly been mass outrage on Twitter. However, the Family Guy shocked viewers by killing off Brian Griffin, the family dog. Brian was hit by a car, and ultimately replaced by a new dog named Vinny. Brian was definitely one of the major characters on the Family Guy. The outrage has been overwhelming, and Twitter has been overrun by fans wanting to start petitions to bring Brian back. Many fans are even directing angry tweets to show creator Seth MacFarlane and threatening to boycott the show over Brian's death. Walking Dead fans have become so accustomed to death that a fairly minor character getting killed hardly gets noticed. However, Family Guy viewers aren't expecting to seeing death on the show, much less the death of a central character. Killing Brian on Family Guy was akin to if The Walking Dead killed off Daryl or Rick.