Five Reasons To Watch The Walking Dead and Not The Oscars

Are you having some trouble deciding whether to stay with The Academy Awards tonight, or turn the channel over to AMC during the two hours that comprise The Walking Dead and Talking Dead? We've come to you with a solution: It's The Walking Dead, dummy. Not only is tonight a strong episode (we've seen it already), but more than that, The Oscars are generally quite boring. But if you, for some reason, enjoy watching The Oscars and need a tiebreaker, consider these: You're reading this on the Internet. You're reading this website on the Internet, and you know what that means? It means you have access to the Internet. So whichever of these things you don't watch will probably be spoiled for you by the time it's over. Award shows and sporting events are, unless you're really, really attached to one of the competitors, the kind of things you can generally get over being spoiled for you. The highest-rated series on TV? Dude, you should be watching that before it hits Twitter. The Oscars probably ignored your favorite movie Sure, The Avengers will be there, but if you're reading this on a comic book news website, the odds are good that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences snubbed your favorite movie this year. And, no, seeing The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games stars appearing onstage in support of indie darlings isn't quite the same... This will be the longest Oscar telecast ever Even though every year there are dozens of people talking all night long and all the next day about how these award shows are so long and boring that you sleep through half of it, it's being reported that the schedule has this set to be the longest-ever Academy Awards ceremony. Why? Because once people start watching, they feel like they have to finish, and the ratings are always great. So, no. Not because they have something so awesome planned that they can justify it. It's just the beginning! The Oscars telecast will start at 8:30, and The Walking Dead at 9 (both east coast times). That means if you're watching The Walking Dead, you'll be starting it only a half an hour into the Oscar telecast. God knows if they'll even have handed out an award by then! Certainly missing an hour that early on doesn't mean you'll miss any of the "big" awards. The real question becomes whether you want to watch Talking Dead, too. There is statistically zero chance that your least favorite Oscar nominee will be consumed by the undead. Now, we're not saying anybody actually dies tonight on The Walking Dead--part of the reason we get to see it a little early is because we promise not to spoil stuff like that--but so much of the show's appeal is knowing that, at any given moment, any character could bite the dust. At the Oscars? Almost never happens. In fact--this is sad, but true--there are zero total recorded zombie attacks at the Academy Awards. Seriously--you can look it up. Although, with Daniel Day-Lewis widely expected to win for Lincoln and the ceremony happening in a theater, we suppose there's a little tension there. But that's like lightning-striking-twice kind of odds.