Five Superhero Roles For The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman


During our recent interview with The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman, the actor said that he would have liked to play Luke Cage -- a part that was recently cast for Marvel's The Defenders, leaving a number of African-American leading men in Hollywood disappointed.

He didn't have another idea for who he might play so, just for fun, we thought we'd throw a list together of superhero characters that we think he could totally own.

Check it out below, let us know what you think of our choices, and what, if any, role you'd like to see "Tyreese" take on in your favorite superhero universe.

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John Henry Irons has already had one chance at the big screen, but it was...kind of a letdown, to say the least.


If they're really going to have Doomsday, and an epic battle across Metropolis, in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is one of the most persistent rumors about the film, it seems like a perfect opportunity to roll out a "survivor" in the next Justice League or Superman film in the form of Steel...and we think the big, powerful, compassionate man (with a hammer) is a role Coleman could pull off.

Just a guess.



Maybe it's just me, or just the art styles of the time, but Icon always struck me as a beefy guy, with a bigger build than even the average superhero. While Coleman might have a hard time slimming down for a lot of roles (his bone structure just looks BIG), building muscle to be an impressive, imposing, Superman-like character certainly seems doable for him.

...And, hey! Milestone Media is back up and running again. This seems like as good a time as any to fan-cast for characters we haven't seen much in years.



Okay, yeah, so Omar Sy played Bishop ably in X-Men: Days of Future Past. But bear with us here: Sy's lack of fluency in English seemed to be problematic, minimizing the character's dialogue. Meanwhile, he's not only more physically imposing than Sy, and American...but he even likes Busta Rhymes, whose look inspired one of Bishop's reinventions.

And since Bishop is a time-traveler who already had some miles on him when he arrived from the future to help the X-Men, they could totally put him in a future X-Men film and explain that both he AND Sy are Bishop.



Just for funsies, this Cloak and Dagger pair would drive The Walking Dead fans a little crazy.

And they'd probably nail it. But the sexual tension some writers give the pair might have to go...!



Look, there needs to be a Quantum & Woody movie.


There just has to.

C'mon, Chad. Make it happen.