Flash Season 3's Dark Speedster Villain is Savitar

Flash Season 3 Villain Savitar

During The CW's TCA Upfronts it was revealed that we will be seeing a new dark speedster in The Flash season 3, and it is none other than Savitar.

If you don't know the name: In the comics Savitar is a Cold War pilot test pilot who is struck by lightning during a flight mission. His name comes from the Hindu "god of motion" and he has an obsession with speed - enough so that he's the leader of a cult. He's battled other good guy speedsters like Johnny Quick and Max Mercury, and the Wally West version of the Flash, trying to steal their speed and transfer it to his followers, creating a speedster army under his command.

Season 3 of The Flash introduces the new "Flashpoint" continuity created by Barry Allen's decision alter the timeline and save his mother. In addition to seeing new heroes (like the Wally West version of The (kid) Flash, it would be expected that a new dark speedster would also be part of Flashpoint's New Deal.

Now we know who it is.


The Flash season 3 premieres this fall on The CW.