Free Comic Book Day 2009 Top Ten Comic Books

Ever since 2002, comic book stores have participated in Free Comic Book Day, an event geared to promote new titles, interest in comics, and generally just the joy and fun of comic books for readers of all ages. In the past, several issues have proven to be sleeper hits that went on to become collectible, The Umbrella Academy being one that springs immediately to mind, while other issues have been the premier issue of ongoing series. Several publishers participate, and there's usually something for every type of reader, the genres spanning superhero, kids, how-to, compilation and sometimes the more mature titles.

Free Comic Book Day 2009 will be held on Saturday, May 2nd. Since some comic book stores may be limiting how many books you can take, it's crucial that choices be made carefully! We here at are dedicated to serving you, our loyal readers, so with that said, here are 10 not-to-miss comics from this year's event, based on five general categories.

Superhero Books to Grab:

This one's a tie. It doesn't seem that you can go wrong with either Marvel's Avengers, which teams Thor and the traditional Avengers with the recently-formed and Norman Osborn led Dark Avengers in battle against a common foe or DC's Blackest Night #0, which will help to kick off the upcoming In Blackest Night storyline in the Green Lantern series of books. Both books have great creative teams behind them, Marvel with Brian Michael Bendis and artist Jim Cheung and DC with Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis. Don't worry about choosing, as both look like winners!

Must Get Kid's Books:

Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog: Evolution of a Hero seems like a can't miss book for kids of all ages. It's a great book to pick up if you're a long-time reader of the regular Sonic series or if you're brand new, as this issue will trace Sonic over the years and how he got to where he is today: everyone's favorite speedy, video game based hero! Can't get your hands on this wildly popular series? Consider Disney/Pixar's Cars #1. The book, obviously based on the hit movie, kicks off Boom! Comics' new series. Sure to please new readers and those still learning how!

Best-Looking "Sampler" Books:

While technically not called a 'sampler' issue, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, courtesy of Dark Horse, not only comes with a story featuring your favorite heroes of that series, but also appearances by Emily the Strange and Usagi Yojimbo. This makes it a perfect sampler for adult readers or the all-ages crowd. Your local comic shop all out of that one? Consider, for something completely different from Star Wars, the Hernandez Brothers' Love and Rockets Sampler. Some great previews of what's in store for the L&R crew lies within this issue!

The "Sure, Why Not!" Books: William Shatner Presents #1

. Do I need to say anything else? In all fairness to the iconic actor, BlueWater Comics is providing a preview of the comic book adaptation of Shatner's TekWar, as well as previews of other upcoming work from the original Capt. Kirk. The artwork in this issue is visually impressive as well. If the Priceline pitchman doesn't do it for you, how about the EIGHTY PAGE Attack of the Alterna-Zombies, presented by Alterna Comics. With Jesus and Abraham Lincoln fighting off a world of zombies, plus previews of other Alterna material, you just might find something worth picking up regularly!

Sci-Fi/Action/Horror Books:

There's always some good representation for fans of the more violent or action-driven books on FCBD, and this year is no exception. Aliens/Predator from Dark Horse looks to fill the bill. With guns blazing, slashing and all other sorts of mayhem promised inside this two-story issue, it looks like a good choice. If an intriguing sci-fi storyline is more your thing, check out Oni Press's Resurrection #0, which looks to intrigue the intellect with its view on a post-alien invasion Earth where the survivors are left with some very nagging, and disturbing questions.


Before rushing out the door on May 2nd, make sure to check with your local comic book dealer's policies on books and selection. There's something for everyone, and no shortage of good reads to be had at this year's Free Comic Book Day!

For more information, check out the Free Comic Book Day website.