Game Of Thrones Season 4: Breaker Of Chains Recap With Spoilers

The episode picks up where the last left off. Joffrey is dead, Cersei calls for Tyrion and Sansa [...]

Game of Thrones - Breaker of Chains

The episode picks up where the last left off. Joffrey is dead, Cersei calls for Tyrion and Sansa to be arrested, but Dontos has already taken Sansa away. They escape through the city to the coast. There's a boat. Dontos tells Sansa they're going somewhere safe and they leave in the boat. A ship waits in the fog. Dontos and Sansa climb onboard. Sansa is helped over by Petyr Baelish. Dontos asks for his pay, but Petyr has two men fire crossbows into him. Petyr explains that he had to be silenced because he was a drunk fool. Littlefinger had paid Dontos to rescue Sansa. Littlefinger reveals that the necklace Dontos gave to Sansa was actually made just a few days ago. Olenna and Margaery Tyrell are discussing whether or not Margaery is queen, which is hazy at this point. Margaery believes she must be cursed, being widowed twice now. Olenna says she's better off, but Margaery regrets not being queen. Olenna reminds her that the Tyrells are still key allies to the Lannisters. Tommen and Cersei are watching over Joffrey's corpse in the Great Sept. Tywin asks him if he understands what Joffrey's death means. He does: Tommen will be king. Tywin asks Tommen what he thinks makes a good king. Tommen suggests holiness, then justice, then strength, but Tywin has historical examples for why all of those are not good enough. Tywin explains that they all lacked wisdom, and that wisdom means knowing what you know and what you don't know. He suggests Tommen should listen to those around hhim, and that Joffrey was not a wise or good king. Tywin is taking Tommen out of the Sept and talking about marriage and furthering the line when Jaime comes in. Jaime and Cersei are left alone in the Great Sept with Joffrey's body. Cersei, again, insists that Tyrion killed Joffrey, as Tyrion said he would, quoting when Tyrion told her that "her joy would turn to ashes in her mouth." Cersei asks Jaime to avenge their son by killing Tyrion. Jaime suggests they let things go to trial, but Cersei believes Tyrion will find a way free. Cersei and Jaime kiss, but Cersei pulls away. Jaime calls her a hateful woman and questions way the gods make him love her. He begins forcing himself on her, though she asks her to stop. She says it's not right, but he continues to say he doesn't care. Arya and the Hound are still traveling to the Vale, though they may be a bit lost. The Hound says that once he gets his pay, he may sale across the narrow sea and become a sellsword, perhaps with the Second Sons. The landowner finds them, but Arya avoids trouble by lying that the Hound is her father who was hurt fighting for House Tully in the war. The man invites them to their house for food and shelter for the night. At the house, the man is saying a prayer to the Seven before their dinner, but Arya and the Hound hardly have patience for it, or manners. Once they begin eating, they start discussing the Red Wedding and how things have changed due to the war. The man says he's had problems with raider, and offers to hire the Hound to work on the farm for a while and scare off the raiders. The farmer says he has some silver and he'll pay fair wages for fair work. The Hound agrees. Arya is sleeping in the stable and is woken by screaming. She walks outside and finds that the Hound has killed the farmer for his silver. Arya complains, but the Hound says it doesn't matter, they would be dead by winter and wouldn't need his silver anyway. At Castle Black, Sam is getting grief for having Gilley around and no one believes that he killed a White Walker. Gilley was the only one who saw, and the Night's Watch doesn't trust a Wildling. Sam asks if Gilley is alright. She says some of the men stare and make jokes, but nothing beyond that. Sam says he worries about her and Gilley thanks him. Sam says he doesn't know if she's safe at Castle Black and suggests she go to Mole's Town. Gilley thinks Sam is bored of her, but Sam says he's only trying to protect her. At Dragonstone, Stannis calls Davos to read a letter proclaiming Joffrey's death. Stannis sees it as a result of Melisandre's work with Gendry's blood and the leeches, but he has no army to take the opportunity. Davos suggests looking to the east to hired men, such as the Golden Company. Stannis doesn't like the idea, and tells Davos he's running out of time. Davos goes to see Shireen for a reading lesson. It's a book about a First Sword of Braavos. Davos explains the difference between a smuggler and a pirate and tells of how he was almost beheaded by a First Sword when he went to Braavos. He's struck by an idea. Davos has Shireen start writing a letter to the Iron Bank of Braavos. Sam and Gilley arrive in Mole's Town and go to a brothel. Sam negotiates to get her a job cooking, cleaning and babysitting in exchange for room and board. Gilley isn't happy with the situation, but Sam tells her it's for the best. She says it's only best for him. Ellaria Sand and Oberyn Martell are enjoying the company of several men and women in Littlefinger's brothel. Oberyn explains the virtues of sexual freedom. Tywin Lannister walks in and asks for a word. Tywin begins inquiring as to what Oberyn knows about Joffrey's death. Oberyn is very knowledgeable of poisons and confirms that Joffrey was killed that way. This makes Oberyn look suspicious, especially since he holds a grudge against the Lannisters and he spoke with Tyrion just the day before Joffrey's death. Tywin brokers a deal to have Oberyn Martell serve as a judge at Tyrions trial and serve on the small council. In return, Tywin would arrange a "meeting" between Oberyn and Gregor Clegane. Tywin explains that the Seven Kingdom's need to reunify because eventually Daenerys will come to Westeros with her dragons, and notes that only the Martells were able to resist Aegon's dragons. Podrick visits Tyrion in his cell. He smuggled in some food, candles, pen and paper. Tyrion asks after Shae, but Podrick has heard nothing. Pod informs Tyrion that he will stand trial in a fortnight. Podrick tells Tyrion that his judges will be Tywin, Mace Tyrell, and Oberyn Martell. Tyrion is supposed to give Podrick a list of witnesses in his defense. He says Sansa, but Podrick tells him of her disappearance. Jaime asks to see Varys or Bronn, but both aren't allowed to talk to him. He asks to see Jaime instead then. Podrick also says that someone is trying to bribe him to testify against Tyrion. Podrick says he refused, but Tyrion orders him to go along with it so he doesn't end up dead. They say what they believe will be their final goodbyes. The Wildlings who climbed over the Wall begin raiding a town. The Thenn grab a young boy and force him to watch them kill his parents. One tells the boy he's going to eat his parents, and sends the boy to Castle Black to tell the Night's Watch. The Night's Watch receive the message. Many want to retaliate, but Alliser Thorne and Maester Aemon remind them how thin they'd be stretched. Jon Snow reminds them of how terrible it will be if Mance Rayder gets past the wall with his army. They decide to shore up Castle Black instead, then hear the signal for raiders returning. The survivors from the mutiny at Craster's keep show up. The mutineers remain at Craster's Keep. Jon Snow suggests that they need to go after the mutineers before they tell Mance Rayder just how ill-prepared the Night's Watch really is. Daenerys arrives outside Meereen. Meereen sends out a champion. They expect Dany to send a champion against him. The champion mocks Dany and her army. She decides he needs to be silenced. Grey Worm, Barrister Selmy, and Jorah Mormont all offer to be her champion, she tells them they are all too valuable. Daario Naharis volunteers and Dany agrees. Daario seems to barely be taking the challenge seriously as Meereen's champion charges at him. He pulls out a dagger and tosses it in the champions' horse's face, knocking him over and making it easy for Daario to finish the champion off. Daenerys begins to speak to the slaves of Meereen, telling them that their masters are their enemies and telling of how she freed the slaves of Astapor and Meereen. She then brings out catapults that fling barrels containing the broken collars of freed slaves over the city's walls.