Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4: Oathkeeper Recap With Spoilers

As the episode opens, Missandei is trying to teach Grey Worm to read and speak the common tongue. [...]

Game of Thrones - Oathkeeper - Brienne of Tarth

As the episode opens, Missandei is trying to teach Grey Worm to read and speak the common tongue. Missandei tells Grey Worm of when she was taken away from her home, on the island of Naath, and sold into slavery. Missandei asks Grey Worm about his life before becoming an Unsullied. Grey Worm says he had none and that he doesn't want to return. He wants to "kill the masters." Daenerys comes and tells him that its time and they leave together. Grey Worm is leading a group of unsullied, dressed as slaves, through the sewers and into Meereen. A large gathering of slaves are discussing Daenerys' promise of freedom. Grey Worm joins the debate, encouraging the slaves to revolt by sharing the story of how Daenerys freed him. Some older slaves say that are not soldiers and they have no weapons. The unsullied drop their packs; they are full of swords. A slave master walks the street of Meereen and sees "kill the masters" written on the wall. He is suddenly surrounded by slaves who mob and kill him. Dany walks through a crowd of slaves going up the walls of Meereen. The slaves throw their now broken collars down in front of her. Dany asks Jorah to remind her how many slaves were nailed to mile markers on the way to Meereen. He tells her 163. Barrister Selmy takes Dany aside and suggests that it is sometimes better to answer injustice with mercy. Dany says she will answer injustice with justice and has the slave masters nailed to mile markers. Her banner hangs from Meereen's great pyramid. Jaime Lannister and Bronn continue to practice. They come to a standstill until Bronn rips Jaime's false hand off of him and then hits him with it. They take a break and begin talking about Tyrion. Bronn tells Jaime he doesn't believe Tyrion killed Joffrey. Bronn asks why Jaime hasn't been to see Tyrion. He tells Jaime how he was Tyrion's first choice for trial by combat at the Eyrie. Jaime does go to see Tyrion. Jaime tells Tyrion that Cersei wanted him to kill Tyrion. Tyrion assures Jaime that he didn't kill Joffrey. Tyrion wants Jaime's help, but Jaime's hands are tied. Tyrion says his trial is a farce and Cersei won't stop until he's been beheaded. Jaime tells him that she's also offering a knighthood to whoever find's Sansa. Sansa is still on the boat with Littlefinger. Littlefinger tells her they're going to the Vale where he is to be married to Lysa Arryn. Sansa is sure that Littlefinger had a hand in killing the king. Littlefinger tells her that she had a hand in it as well. The poison was smuggled into the wedding on the necklace given to her by Ser Dontos. Littlefinger says he's above suspicion because he seems to have had no motive and that he did it just to confuse everyone. Littlefinger wants everything and the Lannister's were valuable allies, but Joffrey was too volatile. He says his new friends are much more dependable and gift like he gave will help them "grow strong." Olenna and Margaery Tyrell are walking through the gardens, dressed for mourning. They begin discussing Margaery potentially being wed to Tommen. Olenna tells Margaery that she needs to start working on Tommen quickly, before Cersei turns Tommen against her. Olenna tells Margaery that she knows Tyrion didn't kill Joffrey and that she would never have let her marry Joffrey. Jon Snow is teaching the other men of the Night's Watch how to fight Wildlings. Locke is there and makes short work of a sparring partner. Alliser Thorne shows up and asks what Jon Snow is doing, reminding him that he's a steward and not a ranger. Jon gets in his face, but Thorne tells him that Mormont isn't there to protect him anymore. Janos Slynt reminds Thorne that Jon seems to be more popular than him and that after the battle there will be a choosing, that he may want to let Jon go after the mutineers to get rid of him. Locke talks to Jon Snow, lying about where he's from and hoping to get some information about Bran. Jaime goes to see Cersei, who summoned him. She questions how many guards are outside of Tommen's door. Cersei asks why Catelyn Stark set Jaime free. Jaime tells her that he swore to return her daughters to her. Cersei wants to know if she asks Jaime to bring her Sansa Stark's head, if he would do it. Jaime hesitates. Cersei says she knows he went to see Tyrion. Jaime says Tyrion didn't do it. She coldly sends him away. Margaery Tyrell sneaks into Tommen's room at night. Margaery says if they're to be married they should get to know each other, that it can be their secret from Cersei. A cat jumps up on the bed. Tommen says his name is Ser Pounce. He says Joffrey didn't like Ser Pounce and threatened to skin him and feed him to Tommen in his food. Margaery says she doesn't think Tommen is cruel and that's good because once they're married she will be his forever. She reminds him that the visits are their little secret and that she will come back again. Brienne is reading from the Book of Brothers about Jaime Lannister. Jaime says there's still room to write more about him. He gives her the sword Tywin gave him, and a new set of armor to go find and protect Sansa Stark. Brienne agrees to find her for Lady Catelyn and Jaime both. Jaime also presents her with Podrick Payne as her squire. Bronn also shows up and gives Podrick a gift from Tyrion: the axe Tyrion used at the Blackwater. Jaime asks if she has a name for the sword he gave her. She names it Oathkeeper and they say their goodbyes. Sam and Jon are discussing those they've had to leave behind: For Sam, Gilley; fro Jon, Bran and Rickon. Locke comes and tells Jon that Thorne wants to see him. Thorne tells Jon he can go to Craster's Keep, but he can only take volunteers with him. Jon gives a speech to the men in the hall asking for volunteers. Very few stand with him, mostly friends or those who survived the mutiny, but Locke also volunteers. At Craster's keep, the mutineers are feasting on Craster's stores and raping his daughters. There's some tension between the mutineers. A woman comes in with Craster's last child a, a son. Karl isn't sure what he's supposed to be doing with him. The women tell him the sons are "a gift for the gods," that Craster left them for the White Walkers. Karl sends Rast out with the sacrifice. Rast leaves the child in the snow then goes and taunts Ghost in his cage. Ghost lunges at him and Rast falls back drunkenly. Rast suddenly hears crows all around and the ice begins to crack beneath him. Bran and his company hear the baby crying in the woods. Bran possesses Summer to go see what is happening. Summer ends up caught in a trap, but Bran sees Ghost in the cage first. Bran and company go to check out the Keep in the morning are are found by the mutineers. They chain and begin taunting and poking Hodor with their weapons. The others are taken to Karl, who begins questioning them. Jojen begins having a seizure. Bran tells him who he is so that he'll let Meera help Jojen. A white walker rides through the snow, across the ice, on an undead horse, carrying Craster's child. He brings the child to a circle made of ice pillars and places it on a slab of ice. Another white walker, with horns on his head, approaches the child and places a finger to the baby's face. The child's eyes turn blue.