Game Of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7: Mockingbird Recap With Spoilers

Game of Thrones - Mockingbird

The episode opens with Jaime Lannister scolding Tyrion for throwing away his chance at life at the Wall by demanding trial by combat. Tyrion made the mistake of falling in love with a whore. He says he felt good taking Tywin's perfect plan that would have sent Tyrion away and brought Jaime back in line as successor to Casterly Rock away from him. Tyrion reminds Jaime that he won why trial by combat without Jaime, but Jaime points out that he's in no shape to fight for him following the loss of his hand. Tyrion suggests that Bronn will fight for him again, basically putting him in Bronn's debt forever. Tyrion asks who Cersei chose as her champion, asking if it was perhaps Ser Meryn. Jaime says that it is not. The scenes cuts to the mountain outside Kind's landing, slaughtering some peasants. Cersei approaches him and thanks him for coming so quickly. He asks who he's fighting. She asks if it matters. He shakes his head. The Hound and Arya come upon a ruined farmstead. They find a man with a large wound, dying outside. The Hound asks him who did it, but he doesn't know. The Hound points out that his wound is not going to get better. The man says he knows and he thought about it. Arya, the Hound and the man discuss the man's impending mortality. Finally, the Hound gives the man a drink and then the gift of a quick death. Just then, a man jumps on the Hound from behind and bites his neck. The Hound snaps his neck and then finds the man who was Yoren's prisoner also behind him. He tells Arya that is name is Rorge, and then Arya stabs him in the heart with Needle. Jon Snow and his company return to Castle Black. Alliser Thorne orders Ghost caged up. A meeting is held where Jon Snow tells of Mance Rayder's imminent assault. He suggests sealing the tunnel through the wall, but nobody is found of the idea. Thorne and Snow argue the point until putting the question to the First Builder of the Watch. He disagrees with Jon Snow, clearly under Thorne's pressure. Jon is sentenced to constant night duty on the Wall. Bronn comes to Tyrion's cell. Tyrion notes that Bronn has some new, very fine clothes. Tyrion says he has been waiting for days. Bronn tells Tyrion that he's been wed to Lollys Stokeworth. Bronn plans on killing Lolly's sister to inherent her castle. Bronn says if Tyrion wants him to kill the Mountain, he's going to have to beat Cersei's price. Tyrion's offers part of the lands he'll inherent from Winterfell, but Bronn declines. Bronn explains that that fighting the Mountain is just not worth the risk. Tyrion says because they're friends, but Bronn points out that Tyrion has never risked his life for him. Tyrion can't blame him and says he holds no grudge. They shake hands before Bronn leaves. In Meereen, Daenerys is surprised to find Daario in her bedroom. He climbed in through the window. He offers her wild flowers. She rejects them, angry that he came to her quarters without her summons. He wants to fight or find a woman. She points out that the Second Sons are on patrol and that he only has eyes for one woman, and she does not want him. He asks to be sent to kill her enemies, for her to let him do what he does best. She agrees to let him do what he does best. She pours a drink and tells him to take off his clothes. He undresses. At Dragonstone, Lady Selyse goes to see Melisandre in her room. She's bathing, but tells Selyse to come in anyway. They begin speaking of lies and truth. Melisandre shows Selyse her potion rack, which she describes as lies to help men see the truth. Selyse tells Melisandre that Stannis wants to bring Shireen with them when they leave. She thinks this is unwise, but Melisandre says she must go. Selyse wants to know why. Melisandre tells Selyse to look into the fire. She says the Lord of Light needs her. Jorah runs into Daario leaving Dany's chambers in the morning. Jorah questions Dany's trust of Daario. She says that she has sent Daario and the Second Sons to retake Yunkai and kill all of the masters. Jorah explains that she is being just as brutal as the salvers. Jorah points out that he would not be here to help Dany if Ned Stark had punished him for slaving the way Dany wants to punish the masters. She desides to send Hizdahr no Loraq with Daario as am ambassador to make an offer to the masters. The Hound is trying to sew up his neck, but he's having trouble. Arya tells him he needs to take out the dirty bit, burn it with fire, but he won't let her come near him with flame. The Hound tells Arya of how Gregor, his brother, shoves his face in the fire for playing with one of his toys, and how his father covered it up by saying his bedding caught on fire. Arya offers to wash the wound out and sew it up for him. Brienne and Podrick are taking in a meal at an inn. The pie they're eating was cooked by Hot Pie. Hot Pie sits at their tables and starts talking to them, asking if Brienne's a knight. Brienne asks Hot Pie if he's seen Sansa Stark. He says no. Brienne explains that she swore an oath to Catelyn Stark to bring them home. As Brienne and Podrick are getting ready to leave, Podrick suggests that maybe they shouldn't be telling people who they're looking for. Hot Pie comes outside and says he saw Arya. He tells her about Arya pretending to be Arry and the Hound taking her. He gives her a wolf pie to bring to Arya if they find her. Brienne and Pod get back on the road. Pod suggests that the Hound will be going to the Vale to sell Arya to Lysa Arryn. Brienne decides to follow his idea. Oberyn Martell comes to see Tyrion Lannister. Oberyn tells Tyrion of Cersei's attempt to sway his vote. Oberyn tells Tyrion of how they met years ago, when Tyrion was first born. His father had brought them to Casterly Rock. Oberyn said he hated it all, and that the biggest disappointment was Tyrion himself. All the way there everyone told of what a monster had been born to Tywin Lannister. When he finally saw Tyrion, he didn't live up to the legend. Oberyn says he wants justice for his sister and children. Tyrion says that if he wants justice he's come to the wrong place. Oberyn disagrees. He tells Tyrion that he will be his champion. Sansa is walking in the snow at the Eyrie. She builds a replica of Winterfell in the snow. Robyn finds her. Robyn asks when she's going back to Winterfell, and she says probably never. Robyn asks if they had a Moon Door at Winterfell, but she says no. He doesn't understand how they made people fly then. He decides to fix it and goes to add a Moon Door to her replica but he knocks it over by accident. She says he ruined it and he throws a tantrum and stomps all over it. Sansa slaps him and he runs of. Littlefinger comes and find her and tells her it will be fine. Sansa asks Littlefinger why he really killed Joffrey. Littlefinger says he loved Catelyn, and there are things you do to the ones who hurt the ones you love. He kisses Sansa and Lysa sees from the balcony. Lysa summons Sansa to the great hall in the Eyrie. She goes and finds Lysa standing by the open Moon Door. Lysa says she knows what Sansa did. She then goes into a rage and shoves Sansa toward the Moon Door. Littlefinger comes and tells Lysa to let her go. Littlefinger swears that he'll send Sansa away if she lets her go. Lysa relents and then begins crying. Littlefinger goes to comfort her. Petyr tells Lysa he has only loved on woman in his entire life: her sister. Then shoves her from the Moon Door.