Game Of Thrones Season 4: Five Biggest Shockers So Far

Game of Thrones Season 4Game of Thrones

season four has been one crazy ride so far. With three episodes still to go, the show has already given fans more "holy crap" moments than they were prepared for. Game of Thrones is taking this week off so that HBO can show The Normal Heart, so we thought we'd take the time to recap the biggest, most shocking moments of the season so far. Hopefully this will help hold fans over until Game of Thrones returns next week.

ReekTheon Takes a Bite Out of His Sister

Driving home just how thoroughly broken Theon is in his new role as Reek, he actually fights against his sister Yara, when she comes to rescue him. Yara tries to grab him and force him out, but Theon is so intent on pleasing Ramsay Snow that he bites. Yara has no choice but to retreat, telling her men that her brother is dead as she leaves.

Tyrion Lannister and SheaShae's Testimony

Tyron Lannister is not having a good season. He's been accused of regicide and is standing trial, with no hope of being found innocent thanks to the scheming of his sister, Cersei. Things really hit bottom for Tyrion when Shae, who had thought gone from King's Landing for good, showed up to testify against him. She not only outright lied about Tyrion and Sansa's involvement in the King's death, but revealed intimate knowledge about their relationship. This is the moment that finally pushed Tyrion over the edge, spurring him to throw caution aside and demand a trial by combat.

Game of Thrones - The Night's KingWhite Walkers in the Land of Always Winter

Here's one that no one, not even those who have read the books, could have seen coming. In a scene not taken from Martin's novels, we follow a White Walker as it carries the last of Craster's sons through the woods and into the White Walkers' homeland, the Land of Always Winter. There, another White Walker who looks much more important than the ones we've seen so far, touches the baby and turns it into another Walker. What's more, HBO may have accidentally identified this White Walker as the Night's Kind in their Game of Thrones guide. This scene is particularly important because it's the first time that we've seen Game of Thrones not change something from the books, but add something entirely new to the narrative.

Lysa ArrynLysa Arryn Flies

Poor Lysa Arryn. She was wed to a husband she didn't want and all the while she's being strung along by the man she loves, Petyr Baelish. Petyr marries Lysa, but Lysa becomes jealous when Littlefinger rescues Sansa Stark from King's Landing and brings her back to the Vale. After witnessing Petyr kiss Sansa, Lysa finally snaps and threatens to toss her niece from the Moon Door. Littlefinger arrives in time to talk her down, it would seem, but then reveals to Lysa that he's only ever loved her sister before kicking her over the edge.

Game of Thrones - The Lion and the Rose

The Purple Wedding Really, can anything top this? Fans had been waiting for Joffrey to get what was coming to him since the first season and they finally got their wish. The scene was delivered perfectly, showing Joffrey at the peak of his terribleness and creating a building tension that finally climaxed with the young King suffocating to death. Even though they're both awful, you still feel for Cersei as she watches her son die. A great scene that will likely be the most talked about moment of the season.