Greg Nicotero Says The Most Exciting Modulation Of The Walking Dead Is Ahead


Last weekend's game-changing midseason premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead is just the beginning, according to executive producer and effects guru Greg Nicotero.

"That episode was al set up to build. We set the release valve and we trickle-trickle-trickle-trickle-trickle and build up to to that explosive moment in Episode 9," Nicotero said in an interview you can see below. "It's not like every episode is going to have that same tone or that same method of madness. It was the end of that section of our story, very much like The Walking Dead does. We'll have a little mini-story and that story will go four, five, six, eight episodes, and then the show will take a little bit of a left turn or a right turn and morph into something different. I think where we're headed now is probably the most exciting modulation of The Walking Dead that we've ever done, because we know that we're getting into meeting the Saviors, we know that Negan is right around the corner, so the show is really poised to take a very big shift in tone."

You can check out the interview below.


The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC, followed by episodes of Talking Dead.