Highlights From Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey's Walker Stalker Con Panel


Over the weekend, Walker Stalker hosted their annual Atlanta Convention and in attendance was The Walking Dead's head honcho actor, Andrew Lincoln. He and on-screen foe, David Morrissey who played the Govenor, played host to almost 4,000 guests in the Georgia World Congress Center during Sunday morning's panel.

Lincoln couldn't speak about season six or anything in the future, but he did reflect on prior seasons, actors, and crew members. Check out some of the highlights below.

The big takeaway from Lincoln's panel is his and everyone else involved with The Walking Dead's passion for their production. Lincoln discussed how he wants all of his fellow actors to shine while they're on the show and revealed that the crew members will be getting military jackets with a stripe on the sleeve for each year they've been a part of the production team. Lincoln said there are about 17 crew members who have been with the show for all six seasons.

Morrissey also jumped in to share some funny memories from the set of The Walking Dead during his time with the show, such as the difficulties of trying to drive a big truck with an eye-patch.


The panel cost $5 for everyone in attendance but all of the proceeds were donated to a charity of Lincoln's choice.