Highlights From Greg Nicotero's Walker Stalker Con Atlanta Panel


The Walking Dead's executive producer, Greg Nicotero, is as passionate about AMC's hit zombie show as any of its fans. Not only does the enthusiasm on display during his panel reflect this fact, but also take into consideration that he set up a table at the Walker Stalker convention for nearly unlimited free meet & greets with fans (as many as time would allow!).

On Sunday, Nicotero held a panel at the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center and took questions from fans. He couldn't talk about season six or any of the things to come on The Walking Dead, but he did offer some fun stories from the set and insight to his work.

Some fun takeaways from Nicotero's panel:

  • The Walking Dead films from May to November, allocating 8 weekdays to each episode.
  • Season six is Nicotero's favorite season of The Walking Dead to date.
  • Nicotero been taught to direct every opportunity he gets and learns something every time.
  • He enjoys paying homages to past zombie films with walkers on The Walking Dead.
  • Survivors, like Glenn, should just go on the roof of the nearest building and wait for zombies to pass.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.