Image Comics Announces Pay-What-You-Want Digital Bundle


For the next two weeks, the folks at Humble Bundle are offering a batch of four Image Comics graphic novels -- the first volumes of the critically-acclaimed East of West, Lazarus, Fatale and Morning Glories -- at the price of...well, whatever. That's to say, you can name your own price (provided it's more than 50 cents) for a digital copy of each of those graphic novels over the next couple of weeks, and if you spend a certain amount, you'll qualify for even more. By bidding above the average price people paid for the bundle -- which at the moment is less than $9.00 -- you will also get the first volumes of Saga, Revival and Chew. Going above $15 will get you the first, and the most recent, volumes of The Walking Dead's trade paperback collection ("Days Gone Bye" and "All-Out War Volume 1"). If you were to pay $15, then, you would get nine graphic novels -- at an average cost of $1.67 each. Each of the Volume Ones retails for $9.99, while The Walking Dead Volume 20 would ordinarily cost you $14.99 (those are print prices; they're slightly less digitally but still more than $5 each).