Inside The Governor’s Torture Chamber On The Walking Dead

0commentsThe Governor's Torture Tools

On the Talking Dead, Prop Master John Sanders walked through the items in The Governor's interrogation room. Sanders explained that in the script they wrote that the room becomes a torture chamber for The Governor. The central item in the room is a mid-twentieth century dental chair, which is what The Governor's victim would be chained to. The Governor's torture tools include a deer saw for cutting bone away, scalpel, tools for cutting off veins and arterial bleeding, an eighteen hundreds bone saw, knives for chopping, needles, an electric bone saw, a funnel to force someone to drink water so they don't die, a catheter, and pills. However, one of The Govenor's torture tools shown on the "Prey" episode wasn't mentioned on the Talking Dead. The Governor also had a speculum, which is a medical tool used for investigating body cavities.