Is Aaron Paul Appearing With Norman Reedus On The Walking Dead Season 5?

Aaron Paul & Norman Reedus

AMC set off a wave of speculation when they posted the photo above of Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus to the official Facebook page for The Walking Dead. Along with the photo, AMC wrote, "Are we dreaming right now?"

Many fans took this photo as a suggestion that Aaron Paul might be appearing on Season 5 of The Walking Dead. Other fans thought it could be some type of confirmation of the popular fan theory that Breaking Bad was a prequel to The Walking Dead. After all, there have been a couple Breaking Bad Easter Eggs on The Walking Dead, such as Merle's drug stash containing blue meth.

However, the photo above actually comes from Norman Reedus' official Instagram. Reedus has been shooting a movie in Atlanta called Triple Nine, which also stars Aaron Paul. The photo is from the set of Triple Nine and not The Walking Dead.


That being said, Norman Reedus and Aaron Paul do appear to have become good friends over the summer. Could Reedus invite Paul to do a cameo on Season 5 of The Walking Dead? With Paul already filming in Georgia, it probably would be pretty easy for him to swing by The Walking Dead set, and the show has included celebrity zombie cameos in the past.