Is Abraham Going To Die On The Walking Dead?

TWD Abraham Glenn

When a character gets some sudden development or heroic moments on The Walking Dead, it can often times spell trouble. Don't believe me? Ask Nicholas, Bob, Tyreese, Hershel, or Beth. You can't, actually, because they're all dead.

In the back half of season, one character has earned more development and screen time than usual since his introduction and that character is Abraham. He finds himself in the middle of a love triangle, spitting out witty metaphors left and right, and embracing the larger world ahead better than most.

So, naturally, we're worried for him.

Speaking to Abraham actor Michael Cudlitz, I complimented his character's recent growth and his ability to portray Abraham so well. That said, I also admitted my fear for the character's life as a result. Cudlitz isn't too worried about it - or at least he isn't acting like it.

"You know what? I'm just so lucky," Cudlitz says of Abraham's recent development. "They're really taking care of me on the show. When Scott brought Abraham in, he really wanted to stay very close to the comic with him. It's kind of hard because the language of Abraham is half way there to the language of Negan. There's a lot of profanity in his everyday conversational speak. I think they've found a way to make you feel that crassness and that unfilteredness without going there. It kind of reminds me of when I used to watch NYPD Blue and you felt like Sipowicz was cursing all the time and he wasn't. I just think they've been very true to him and it's been really cool watching the development with the other characters and the other relationships. Obviously missing is the connection that he had with Rick. That is not necessarily something he had in the show, he obviously has a very positive relationship with him, but he's not as close with him in the comic. To see him develop his other relationships with other characters to fill that void, it's been fun."

As for whether or not he's been fearing for Abraham's life, he says everyone on the show has to be worried all the time.

"I guess but isn't there trouble for everybody on the show?" Cudlitz says. "I feel like that's not anything we can really be concerned about because if they're gonna kill Hershel, they're gonna kill anyone."


Do you feel that we should be fearing for Abraham's life?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET.