Is Morales Appearing On The Walking Dead Companion Series?

Actor Juan Gabriel Pareja, who appeared as a member of the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead in the [...]


Actor Juan Gabriel Pareja, who appeared as a member of the cast of AMC's The Walking Dead in the show's first season before leaving with his family for Binmingham and never being seen again, is currently listed on IMDb as one of the cast members for the as-yet-untitled The Walking Dead spinoff series set to debut next year.

IMDb, of course, is a wildly unreliable source of this kind of information, but it's fun to speculate, since we know little about the series...but we do know that some of the characters, per the casting notices, are expected to be Latino.

Morales never got a first name before he left, although his wife and children were all named. The idea that the spinoff series is supposedly set during the earliest days of the outbreak might make it seem nearly impossible that he could get from Los Angeles (where the new show is reportedly set) to Atlanta...but depending on just how early he departed, it's possible he could have made his way across the country before roadways were overtaken.

In either case, it seems somewhat unlikely. Showrunners have said that that the two series won't share characters, and breaking that "rule" for a character as minor as Morales, unless there was a very good reason, seems like an odd choice.

Pareja himself, who makes convention appearances fairly regularly as a Walking Dead cast member, has noted on Twitter fairly recently that since his character was never seen dying onscreen, it wouldn't be fair to just assume he didn't make it in the harsh world of The Walking Dead.

That's Pareja's image above.

This is the kind of thing that's wildly unlikely, but the theory has been circulating on The Walking Dead message boards for about a week and -- pardon the pun -- just won't seem to die.

Don't be surprised to see this either confirmed or (more likely) laughed off in the not-too-distant future; news on the spinoff is starting to pick up steam as production is expected to begin next month.