John Cena Responds To Captain America Movie Rumors


WWE superstar John Cena admitted to MTV's Splash Page that the recent rumors surrounding his being cast to play Captain America are false. But, he's not ruling out any chance he might have in playing the Marvel super hero. Cena spoke with MTV in an exclusive interview while at an ice cream shop, mulling over the casting rumors. "Strictly a rumor," said Cena in between bites of ice cream, but added with a smile, "If you guys are listening over at Marvel, that is a pretty cool rumor." The wrestler went on to say that he is a very patriotic person and joked that his experience as a captain of his football team would make him a perfect fit for the role. Cena is not the only actor rumored to play Captain America in the upcoming film The First Avenger: Captain America. Actors Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith, and several of the current American Gladiators have been rumored to bear the shield of the Captain. The Will Smith role is an interesting possibility. If Marvel Studios plans on showing the full Origin story of Captain America, Smith could be called on to play Isaiah Bradley, a black test subject used by the government to recreate the super soldier serum first used on the original Captain America. The First Avenger: Captain America is due in theatres in the summer of 2011.