Marilyn Manson Shares Wacky Walking Dead Theories On Talking Dead

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What just happened on Talking Dead is by far stranger than anything that has happened on The Walking Dead this season. Guest Marilyn Manson shared a number of incredible wacky Walking Dead theories that left host Chris Hardwick baffled and confused. Spoilers for the "Isolation" episode of the Walking Dead follow. Manson started the night with his microphone off, so it was difficult to understand what he was saying. However, once his microphone got turned on it was still difficult to understand what he was saying. He started off by comparing Carol to Jamie Lee Curtis, because of the similar hair. Then, he suggested that Carol might have killed Karen and David because she was on her period. During the entire show, he constantly interrupted to throw out bizarre comments and theories. There was talk of Rick on a John Deere tractor mowing down zombies. There were various comments about everything from genital warts to burning bras to Hitler to strip clubs. At one point, Manson even suggested that Carol's daughter was the one feeding rats to the zombies. Of course, Carol's daughter Sophia is dead, but maybe Manson was confused and thought Lizzie was her daughter.