New Game Of Thrones Season 5 Three-Eyed Raven Viral Teaser Released


HBO has relased another of the Three-Eyed Raven's visions, teasing Game of Thrones Season 5.

The visions come via Twitter or text message, and seem to be sent out sporadically to random fans who signed up for the viral marketing campaign. They can only be viewed once, and only on mobile devices, but we recorded the latest teaser with another phone. Check it out below, and we'll break down what we can make out from the video:

  • Dany's eyes.
  • The Great Sept in King's Landing.
  • Someone playing with a toy stag, the stag being the symbol of House Baratheon, which is still, technically, the house of the king.
  • Reek being examined by Ramsay Snow.
  • A drink being spilled, hard to tell where, though tis obviously someplace where it's still warm and sunny, and where someone reasonably wealthy resides.
  • A very shiny stone. A crystal or gem of some sort.
  • Someone fighting, but the video quality makes it hard to tell who.
  • Melisandre, looking deep in thought.
  • Horses, and that looks like a banner behind them. A caravan of some sort? Travelling noble?
  • That's a dragon. Yup. He's not happy.
  • That looks like a small dock, and someone seems to be walking away from a…box? A crate? Perhaps Tyrion's crate from the Season 4 finale?

There shouldn't be too many more of these teasers left, as the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer will debut tonight when, the series debuts in IMAX theaters.

Game of Thrones Season 5 premieres on HBO on April 12.