Pamela Anderson Knocks Baywatch Movie; The Rock Says It'll Have R-Rated Humor

Hollywood is remaking Baywatch into a feature film that will star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Zac Efron and one original cast member isn't happy about it.

Pamela Anderson (Barb Wire), who rose to fame on the 90s TV show playing lifeguard C.J. Parker, thinks it a poor decision to remake it. "No one appreciates the remakes," the 48-year-old told TMZ.

She informed them that none of the film's producers have contacted her about appearing in it. Boo! Get her a cameo!

Anderson believes the Baywatch movie will struggle to capture the magic of the original series, which ran from 1989 to 1999, because that was a "simpler, sweeter time."

If Paramount was truly trying to recapture the tone of the original series Anderson might be right, but they aren't. That's why they brought in Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Theft) to direct it. He is going to give Baywatch an R-rated facelift.

This past weekend at Disney's D23 Expo, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gushed about their new raunchy approach to Baywatch. "We want to make a big movie! A fun movie! Fun beach movie! Bring the beach movie back — to the world. But also have something that has edge and has badass action," Johnson told a room full of reporters. "Also has, really dirty, rated-R humor, which is right in my wheelhouse."

"C.J., who's going to play C.J.?" Johnson asked aloud. "I can't tell you the amount of calls we've been getting... from the most gorgeous actresses and models in the world — their agents and managers, who want them to be C.J."

You can listen to The Rock's comments in the video below.


On Tuesday, Zac Efron (17 Again, Nieghbors), who was recently cast in Baywatch, shared his thoughts on the upcoming movie. "It's going to be R-rated and it's going to be badass," Efron told Reuters at the European premiere of We Are Your Friends. "I think we're going like pretty big with it and I don't think it's going to be much like the old Baywatch to be honest. I think we're going to kind of reinvent it in a big way, and he (Johnson) has big plans for it. I know he's very ambitious."

Baywatch will start filming around February 2016.