Roddy Piper Wants You To Believe in the Mets

(Photo: WWE)

If you've been following the 2015 World Series between the Mets and the Royals, you'll know that the Mets aren't doing so great at the moment with two consecutive losses. It's a familiar scenario as it happened back in 1986 when they were up against the Red Sox.

See, during the World Series, the World Wrestling Federation was in town and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper addressed the crowd about their home team. Piper was in the middle of a transition of going from heel to face, and screamed at the crowd to still believe in their Mets. At first, he was showered with boos, but Piper wasn't having any of that. Check it out.

Afterwards, the greatest heel manager of all time Bobby Heenan came out and addressed the crowd as well with a simple "How about them Red Sox?" To not be outdone, Piper wagered Heenan $50 the Mets take it. That went to a $100, then $1,000, and finally $10,000 which was settled with a handshake. The crowd erupted with each raise of the ante. You can see the whole bit below.


Piper passed away earlier this year, but he's still inspiring from his own Piper's Pit in the sky.