Sophie Turner Says Games Of Thrones Season 6 Is Biggest Season Yet


Sansa Stark had a rather rough Season 5, to say the least. She returned to Winterfell, though, it hardly resembled her childhood castle after the Boltons laid claim to it. She relucantaly got married to Ramsay Bolton, a psychopath that ordered Reek (aka Theon Greyjoy) to watch as he roughly consummated his marriage. So, will things get better for Sansa in Season 6?

"I mean this season is a really, really big one for Sansa," Sophie Turner (X-Men: Apocalypse) told Entertainment Weekly at their SAG Awards party on Friday in Los Angeles. "It's probably her best season yet. It's her really coming into her own. She, this season, really commands the respect that she deserves and she grabs hold of it and she runs with it and it's really good."

She then says that a particular Sansa storyline from George R. R. Martin's books, that fans have been craving for the past five seasons, will come to fruition this season. "It was amazing because the past five seasons, it feels like it's been building up and up to that," she said. "You can only suffer so much before she finally gets her, the respect that she deserves."

Turner thinks this season is the biggest season yet because of the character development that takes place, in particular for Alfie Allen's Reek/Theon. "I'm so excited to see Alfie's one this season," she added.

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres in April, 2016.