Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Track to Pass Avatar, Take Highest Grossing Domestic Movie Spot


Official numbers from Friday's box office for New Year's Day haven't yet hit, but estimates show Star Wars: The Force Awakens with another strong $35 million day, putting its total - in just over two weeks - to $687 million in domestic gross.

That passed, as reported yesterday, Jurassic World as the #1 movie in the US for 2015, and also passed Titanic's 2nd place domestic gross. Again, The Force Awakens has been out for 15 days (the start of its third weekend in theaters), and Titanic had a significant box office presence for 34 weeks (Jurassic World was in for 23 weeks).

That means Avatar's $760.5 million domestic box office record is well within reach of Star Wars now, and after the Starkiller Base charges up over the weekend with an expected total of around $745 million by the end of Sunday, The Force Awakens should deal the final blow to Avatar on Monday, after 18 days of release. The record-holder boasted a 34 week release, as well.


Worldwide, The Force Awakens has been keeping an almost even pace with its domestic haul in international markets, and if that holds, should pass The Avengers as Disney's highest worldwide haul this weekend with ease. After that milestone, the goals are $2 billion worldwide and Avatar's mammoth record of $2.788 billion. The film opens in China, the world's second largest market, next weekend, and that opening will give a better indication of whether those goals are in sight.