Stardust Steals Stephen Amell's Slammy Award

(Photo: WWE/Jim Viscardi)

Sometimes you can't keep a good villain down.

Last night, at the Raw pre-show, WWE started to present the 2015 Slammy Awards. They handed out a few of the awards such as Tag Team of the Year, Hashtag, and the Celebrity Moment of the Year.

As we posted last night, Stephen Amell won a Slammy for his match with Stardust at SummerSlam, but was not there to accept the award in person. Leave it to Amell's adversary to "accept" the award on his behalf.

"Stephen, if you want this, you know where to find me"

Amell responded on winning the award by changing his Twitter bio "Slammy Award Winning Well-fed artist. WWE Record: 1-0" and sent out a tweet as to celebrate the moment.


Amell then posted the video of Stardust stealing his Slammy on his Facebook page with a simple message. "Cody has my Slammy. I'm TRYING to enjoy my vacation. Response is forthcoming."

Could we see a rematch coming soon? Wrestlemania is right around the corner afterall.