Stardust Threatens To Melt Stephen Amell's WWE Slammy


The Stardust and Stephen Amell feud didn't end after their tag match at Summerslam. The two have continued to goad each other on over social media, with the most recent posts centering on Amell's Slammy award, which he won for "Celebrity Moment of the Year" 2015 at WWE.

Stardust stole and has been holding the Slammy statue hostage after Amell's win in December. The most recent battle started when Stardust tweeted nothing but the letters CR. Those are, of course, the initials of Cody Rhodes, the man behind the Stardust character. It's a rare acknowledgement of his... secret identity... as the WWE Superstar does everything publicly as Stardust - he stays completely in character for promotional videos, interviews, and yes, on twitter.

Amell notice, naturally, tweeting, "Love Cody Rhodes. Anytime you need the stardust beaten out of you, let me know."

And that set Stardust off, of course. He tweeted a picture of Stephen's Slammy, saying, "oh Ollie. . .you d!$&" See, he is convinced Amell is actually Oliver Queen, and that he's his greatest villain. In the picture was a ransom note, asking $75,000 Canadian for the return of the award before he melts it down. He gave Amell 24 hours - and that was 21 hours ago, so the clock is ticking.

Amell replied, fairly coyly, saying, "if you melt my Slammy, be sure to melt it into a bat or something of the like." Presumably, he plans to then hit Stardust with said bat.

And that's where we stand now. The last time the pair started chattering like this on social media, it led to their match against each other. With several significant injuries to WWE Superstars right now, including Seth Rollins, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sting, and more, it sure seems like this is all leading up to a match at Wrestlemania 32, April 3, 2016 in Dallas. The event has to hit a huge number of ticket sales to fill up AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is already slated to appear, and another high-profile celebrity match could help prop up a card broken down by those injuries.