Stephen Amell Could Walk Away Tonight With Slammy Award

(Photo: Rob Schamberger)

Over this past summer, WWE Superstar Stardust (aka Cody Rhodes) and Arrow's Stephen Amell engaged in a heated feud for whose star shown brighter. Maybe it was Stardust's jealousy over Amell's good looks, or maybe he was just looking for a fight and found one.

Either way, their feud has been nominated as the Celebrity Moment of the Year at the WWE Slammy Awards, and it looks like Amell is in the lead, or so Stardust thinks so.

This could be the winner of the night as the rest weren't as drawn out and, if I must say, as fun. Stardust is also a contender for Superstar of the Year, but that could be a little more difficult to nab for the self-proclaimed "Prince of Dark Matter".

The Slammy Awards airs tonight, December 21st on Monday Night Raw at 8pm ET.