Supercut Of Actors Saying I Should Have Killed You When I Had The Chance

Killed You

How many times have you seen that pinnacle moment in a movie, where a character is filled with regret for not killing their nemesis when they had the chance? Surely, a lot, and they'll just about always let you know just in case you weren't sure.

YouTube user Jukku-Pekka Bohm rounded up as many movies he could find with that moment of character's saying, "I should've killed you when I had the chance," and cut them into one long video. The video features some popular recent movies and actors including Star Trek, Fast & Furious, X-Men, Harrison Ford, Chris Pine, Paul Walker, Ian McKellen, and Benicio del Toro. Oh, and what would a supercut like this be without Jason Statham?


Lesson here: if you're in a movie and you have a chance to kill him, kill him.