The Circle Trailer With Emma Watson And Tom Hanks Promises Lots Of Tech And Thrills

The lines between reality, social media, and technology get more and more blurred by the day, which projects a future where all three are indistinguishable from one another. In The Circle, based on the novel by Dave Eggers, these themes will be explored in what appear to be terrifying ways.

The '90s had a slew of techno-thrillers that explored the terrors of computers without fully understating what the machines were capable of, so reality films based more closely on the realities of their capabilities, like The Net, were ignored for more fantastical sci-fi dystopias like The Matrix.

Thanks to the success of the Black Mirror TV series, which explores hypothetical technological futures that feel only a few weeks ahead of our present, a film like The Circle can feel a little more realistic with its tech predictions.

Tom Hanks looks like he's selling the Steve Jobs-esque tech guru well, and he's joined by Emma Watson and John Boyega. The film also stars Karen Gillen, Patton Oswalt, and Bill Paxton.


Here's hoping the film lands closer to Black Mirror than something like Harrison Ford's Firewall.

[H/T SlashFilm]