The Flash's Emily Kinney On What Separates Her Character From The Walking Dead's Beth


When you talk to an actor about a role, one common response to questions is to hear that, no matter who the character is, part of them has to come from the actor's own personality, even if that means playing up the ugliest parts of the actor's worst self.

That's challenging, of course, for someone like Emiliy Kinney. The The Walking Dead veteran is well-known for playing a charming and soft-spoken character who, over time, evolved into a strong-willed person who nevertheless retained a sense of quiet outrage over the world's injustices.

So how does that translate to being a supervillain on The Flash?

"I do think that in this particular case, there was an outside element that helped me with the character, and that would be the costuming and the special effects and all of that," Kinney told in an interview that will run tomorrow morning. "There are things about Brie that are very different from Beth. The way that she holds onto anger or holds onto a grudge, I think, is very different. I was able to key into different things, and so I feel like I'll come across very different. It's funny how just something like someone's clothing and hair will make you clue into something about their personality. I think those will help people distinguish between Beth and Brie."

Bree, of course, is Brie Larvan, also known as the Bug-Eyed Bandit. In the comics, she's a he, and primarily known as a villain for The Atom...but Kinney got to play with those expectations a little.

The Flash returns for its final five episodes tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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