The Flinstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown Trailer Released

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Warner Brothers is offering a first look at its upcoming animated feature, The Flintstones & WWE: Stone Age Smackdown.

When Fred loses his family's vacation money, he hatches one of his hair brained plans to get it back. It's a sports entertainment spectacle that involves throwing his best bud, Barney into the wrestling ring with the likes of John Cenastone (John Cena), Rey Mysteriopal (Rey Mysterio) and even The Undertaker, with Fred himself as event promoter! The crowds roar, the "clams" are pouring in from ticket sales and even Mr. McMagma (Vince McMahon) is taking notice of all the hoopla. Can Fred keep serving up bigger and badder matches or is he in for the rocky ride of his life? Including all-star appearances from The Boulder Twins (Brie and Nikki Bella) Marble Henry (Mark Henry) and Daniel Bry-Rock (Daniel Bryan), it's time to get the whole family together for a collection of hard-hitting, side-splitting laughs from the most epic event in all of prehistory!


The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and digitally on March 17.