The Saviors Confirmed On Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman


Following tonight's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman joined Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick to talk about the Start to Finish episode.

Tonight's episode came with a bit of a bonus in the form of a "prologue," which dove into The Walking Dead's next chapter and made the first mention of Negan on the TV series.

Kirkman and Hardwick acknowledge the prologue and Kirkman confirmed this group to be the Saviors, in case there was any doubt who the group was.

"The Saviors don't have the W's, the Wolves do," Kirkman explained about the new group. "They're also threats. Equal threats, possibly. Very distinct, very different. We'll be finding out a lot more about the Saviors, Negan's group, soon."

Later, Kirkman went on to say Negan would change the show, "fundamentally," and "in every single way." Speaking of Negan's issue #100 introduction, Kirkman dubbed Negan as a "catalyst," to prevent readers from using issue #100 as a "jumping off spot."


The Walking Dead returns February 14, 2016.