The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes Loses His [SPOILER] In Issue 150


The Walking Dead's milestone issue #150 hits shelves today. The previous monumental milestone, issue #100, saw one the most infamous and iconic moments the title ever created: Glenn's death by Negan's bat.

The Walking Dead #150 was quite a bit different in comparison to those horrifying pages published in July 2012. Be warned, full spoilers for the issue follow.

Carl Virginity

Typically, when you think about The Walking Dead and you think about a character losing something, their eye or their hand or other limbs come to mind, if not their life. However, the latest issue puts a different spin on that word choice. It may have been implied during the time between issue 137 and 138, but it's now official. Carl Grimes loses his virginity to the possible Whisperer rat, Lydia. Go, Carl!

Two things about this are a bit weird. One: Lydia's obsession with Carl's empty eye socket. We all remember her licking that scarred up chunk of Carl's face back in issue #137, but now, the two are having sex and she's got her thumb all up in there. Kinky.

And two: his step-mom is peeking. Andrea is creeping around the house and pokes her head in the door to see what's going on and witness the two in the act! The team-player that she is, she marches right on by and doesn't interupt.

The issue as a whole was quite pleasing. Aside from Carl's big moment, Rick completes a huge arc in 150. His struggles started when Alpha put way too many heads on spikes a few issues back and the community wants to take action but the wise man knows his community can't simply march to war. After seeking advice from his arch-nemesis, Negan, Rick realized what must be done in last month's issue.

Rick Vincent

No, it wouldn't be that easy.


Wasting no time, he lead a brilliantly written and drawn meeting in the town hall, showing his ruthless side but more importantly, his wise and forgiving side. Vincent was marched right to the stage following his attack on Rick and when we all expected Rick to put him down, he instead extended a hand and showed the community what is right and important.An unnecessary couple of pages with Vincent and Julia set up a brutal attack on Rick outside of Eugene's house. It left him battered and covered in blood. He had to go full-on survival mode and bite a dude's throat out! Again!

One has to wonder, though, is Rick lying? Did Rick want to kill Vincent? The only reason this comes up is because of Negan's suggestions to lie to the people so maybe there isn't much of a stockpile of bullets at all and Rick is simply appeasing their hunger for security and revenge. And on top of that, were Carl and Lydia doing it this WHOLE time?