The Walking Dead: Carol Confirmed To Return

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This article contains potential spoilers concerning the details of Carol's return to The Walking Dead. In the "Indifference" episode of The Walking Dead, Rick banished Carol from the prison, because she killed Karen and David. Carol accepted Rick's banishment, and she hasn't been seen since. So will Carol ever return to The Walking Dead? According to TV Guide, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said that Carol will definitely return before the end of Season 4. Kirkman also confirmed that the Sanctuary, which was mentioned in the radio message, will come into play and flashbacks will give glimpses of the past lives of some key characters. But back to Carol returning. We speculated that the Walking Dead writers might be setting it up for Carol to return by running into Tyreese. After all, Tyreese is apparently on the run with Lizzie, Mika, and possibly baby Judith. If Carol were to see Tyreese with the children, she would probably try to help. And since Rick and Daryl never got to finish telling Tryeese about Carol, he wouldn't know that she killed Karen and David. Since we ran our speculation, we've heard from some unconfirmed sources that we were on the right track. Look for Carol's return to involve meeting up with Tyreese.