The Walking Dead Finale Recap & Q&A With Ross Marquand

Finale recap The Walking Dead and Q&A with Ross Marquand!

Posted by The Walking Dead on on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday night, when the smoke clears and the dust settles from The Walking Dead's sixth season, will be hosting a live Q&A and recap of the episode with Aaron actor Ross Marquand.

The finale, ominously titled, "Last Day on Earth," is set to be the most intense and brutal 90-minutes of The Walking Dead to date. Last time we spoke with Marquand, he called its script "the craziest thing ever." Since then, his co-stars have only echoed his description. Melissa McBride admits she couldn't speak after reading it. Josh McDermitt says it might be the best episode of the series as a whole. Lennie James calls it phenomenal.

In the previews for Sunday nights finale, it looks like Aaron will be caught in the middle of all the action. Be sure to get your questions ready and tune into our live stream which kicks off just a couple of minutes after Sunday's episode concludes.

We'll be hosting the recap and Q&A on our 'The Walking Dead on' Facebook page so be sure subscribe to the page! If you miss it, we'll embed the video right here for you to come back and watch later!