The Walking Dead: Is Glenn In The Sewer?


Spoiler Warning: It's been a week since one of the most shocking episodes ever of The Walking Dead ever, but just in case, spoilers follow for the "Thank You" episode of The Walking Dead.

During the "Thank You" episode of The Walking Dead, Nicholas and Glenn were trapped on top of a dumpster surrounded by walkers. Seeing no way out, Nicholas shot himself in the head, and when he fell, he pulled Glenn down with him.

In a shot from above, it looked like walkers were devouring Glenn on the ground. But there's a strong possibility that what viewers were seeing is the walkers devouring Nicholas while Glenn was trapped underneath. If the walkers were eating Nicholas instead of Glenn, then Glenn still isn't in a good situation. He's on the ground, surrounded by walkers.

How could he possible escape? One popular theory is that Glenn crawls under the dumpster. But even if he is able to get under the dumpster, he's still going to be surrounded by walkers, who will still be clawing at him. He will be stuck with little hope of escape.

Unless, there is something like an open manhole cover under that dumpster, which leads to a sewer. Why would we think that? Well, in The Walking Dead Season 6 Comic Con trailer, there is a scene where Aaron and Maggie are in a sewer. Why would this duo be in a sewer together? They haven't exactly been hanging out together previously.


The answer might be that Maggie is insistent in going to look for Glenn, and Aaron, as the recruiter, likely knows the surrounding area the best. Maybe, they find the dumpster, find the remains of Nicholas, and spot the opening to the sewer under the dumpster. They realize that Glenn might have escaped in the sewer, and they go down in the sewer to look for him.

What do you think? Could Glenn have escaped in a sewer system and still be alive?