The Walking Dead: Is [Spoiler] Really Dead?


If you clicked on an article with a headline, "Is Spoiler Really Dead?" you better believe spoilers are going to follow from tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. If you haven't watched it, stop here.

Stop. I'm not going to say it again and it's your own fault beyond this line.

In tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, Nicholas uttered the titular words, "Thank You," and shot himself in the head before falling into Glenn and knocking him off of their dumpster perch into a presumably inescapable horde of zombies. The next few shots showed what surely looked like walkers pulling Glenn's organ's right out of his chest ... right?

Not so fast.

First of all, the back of Nicholas's jacket looked a lot like what those zombies were tearing into. As they fell, Glenn caught Nicholas and Nicholas would've landed on top of Glenn. We never saw Nicholas again after the fall and there definitely wasn't enough room for the two to be laying side by side.

Plus, if those zombies were yanking Glenn's intestines from his chest, such as his heart (could you imagine if we saw them rip his heart out and take a bite) Glenn would've been super dead and unable to yell the way he was to conclude the scene. Not that I've ever been devoured by zombies and speaking from experience, but I'm just saying.

Take one more look at the scene. If that's Glenn's chest, he would have to be the product of a Dwayne Johnson-Arnold Schwarzenegger love child. That's one buff son of a gun.

Personally, I think Glenn found his way underneath that dumpster and we're going to find him there in another episode. If he's really dead, our characters will never know. Maggie will be left searching for him for the rest of her time on the show and who is Negan going to tee off on?

(UPDATE) It doesn't hurt that Glenn was not included on Talking Dead's "In Memoriam," segment, which showcases each character lost in each episode..

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong and Glenn is dead and I'll humbly admit defeat. This isn't just sitting here in a state of denial over Glenn dying meaninglessly, this is an initial reaction to what I saw when Glenn and Nicholas fell from the dumpster. We'll have to wait see.


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.