The Walking Dead: Lauren Cohan Reveals Her Favorite Zombie Kill

twd maggie walker kill

It would be a nearly impossible task to count the number of walkers killed on The Walking Dead since the show began in 2010. Among the countless kills, though, are some memorable moments for cast members.

More specifically, Maggie actress Lauren Cohan recently reflected on her favorite zombie kill and it dates all the way back to the prison in season three.

"It's so funny," Cohen tells EW. "I don't even know if it's my favorite, but the one that always sticks in my mind is from season 3, and I think that's just because it's from a time when Maggie went through the biggest change. And they storm into the prison and she gets up under Riot Gear Walker, and then there's just, like, green goo. I think that's still probably to date my most hands-on disgusting kill."

Nothing like getting down and dirty on the set of The Walking Dead. At least Cohan didn't have to run to the airport covered in walker blood like Ross Marquand did recently.


The Waking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.